Why did my questions about my business card style get flagged 2 times?

Concern by morethomas@rocketmail.com: Why did my concerns about my company card layout get flagged two times?
The concerns were valid and posted in enterprise classes. The first time was in tiny organization, the second time I attempted general business. These have been the two advised types by yahoo. Are individuals just flaggers of Mary Kay connected items? I say this simply because I’ve noticed mary kay concerns flagged prior to and I’ve had a number of fliers taken down even when they experienced proper acceptance. Anyway, what provides?

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Response by Barkley Hound
The is practically nothing mistaken with asking about organization card design and style. The dilemma is when a card is posted and it is apparent that it is just a sneaky way of submitting an advert. I have seen the very same thing completed with net webpages. I am not saying you are undertaking it but It is best if you want to know about style to produce an example card and not a actual 1.

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