Why are minimal business license or common license is more affordable than a license to sell secondhand merchandise?

Concern by Dan: Why are limited organization license or general license is less expensive than a license to sell secondhand merchandise?
I discovered that a organization license or a general business license is less costly than a license to market secondhand items. Why is that?

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Reply by Secure Your Foreseeable future
The stock in secondhand outlets stinks (it really is other people’s aged rubbish). It can be only truthful that they need to shell out for defiling the ambiance.

Secondhand stores deprive charity shops of an option to elevate income. Charity shops have a tinge of respectability, as they are increasing income for excellent triggers.

Secondhand outlets are just squalid.

A much more significant purpose is that secondhand shops could be far more very easily manipulated into fraudulent dealings.

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