What can I do with a diploma in General Business?

Issue by Marissa1982: What can I do with a diploma in General Business?
I have been in higher education for 7 many years and I will be graduating in a month with an associates diploma in general business. I am burnt out, I do not want to go back again to school for something else. But everyone I have fulfilled with a diploma in general business is holding least wage positions – offering newspapers and flipping burgers. What can I do just with this degree. I want to have my possess company in something some day, but I will not have a clue what.

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Answer by trement ave
At this stage it is significantly less about your degree and far more about your talent established and interests. What do you like to do? What kind of issues are you great at doing? For instance, somebody who likes folks and is outgoing would do excellent in sales. If you like vogue you could offer apparel or make-up. In addition, it appears like you currently know some of the items you do not want to do: ie, flip burgers or newspaper delivery. Invest some time figuring out your expertise and passions.

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