What can I do with a degree in General Business?

Question by Marissa1982: What can I do with a degree in General Business?
I have been in higher education for 7 many years and I will be graduating in a thirty day period with an associates diploma in general business. I am burnt out, I will not want to go back to college for anything else. But every person I’ve satisfied with a degree in general business is keeping bare minimum wage employment – offering newspapers and flipping burgers. What can I do just with this degree. I want to have my own organization in something some working day, but I do not have a clue what.

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Reply by Diane M
you can get a clerical job or potentially an assistant managers work in retail or potentially a occupation promoting cars. None of these is high paying out. What ever you learned will be of value to you if sometime you do open your personal company. If you actually want to get a higher paying out accountable corporate occupation or an upper management situation, you will want an MBA. Jobs that spend effectively in an office placing frequently call for larger schooling. If you want a high spending occupation with no going to school, I would recommend a union trade.

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