Im doing a double main laptop or computer science and company. should I go to graduate school?

Query by Warrior: Im undertaking a double main laptop or computer science and business. should I go to graduate university?
IM getting close to 21 pc science classes and 19 business courses. MBA looks to me like general business information. i have verify several university and their programs outlines are extremely similar to the classes im taking. it will appears like overlap. in the other a pc science master concentrate a good deal in scientific fields and study like synthetic intelligence one thing im not fascinated. im fascinated to work as undertaking manager or quantitative developer. i know almost everything adds up but in my case what would you recommend me? thank you guys!

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Solution by SupaStar
an MBA is Advanced company information, particularly geared to people who want to Handle other people.

If your objective is to turn into a Undertaking Manager, (not a “people supervisor”) there are degrees especially developed for that.

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